Hear the personal stories from users of The MIND Device and the difference it has made in their lives.

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Through his extensive research he found multiple articles citing the benefits of magnetic and light therapies to help battle depression.  The issue was to make it affordable, effective, portable and safe.  This research led to the development of The MIND in October 2011.  For several months, many of his patients have been involved in Dr. Blakes’ own trial studies determining the effectiveness of The MIND.

The results have been amazing.  Many patients have stated that The MIND has completely changed their lives. Dr. Blake hopes that this device will truly help many individuals who have not benefited from medicine or who just want to try an alternative route.  If the same benefits occur in the general population as he has already seen, then many individuals will live a much happier, fruitful life.

“Before using the MIND I would have to fight with myself just to leave my house. I hated my self, just wanted to eat and sleep. Now after one month of using the MIND I get up and get going! I‘m happier with an upbeat attitude and so much more energy. Thank you Dr. Blake.”

     Janet Miller – Denton, NC


“Before using the MIND I was feeling blue and depressed all the time, I have fibromyalgia so I’ve been struggling for years with depression. Now I feel much more ENERGIZED…and have a desire to do more! I’m back walking  and doing my hobbies again. I just don’t think about what I can‘t do but what I can do. This device has certainly changed my outlook and given me a new, happier attitude.”

     Sue Frazier – Coal City, IL


“I am an RN and my husband has been diagnosed with depression now for 4 months. He has been on medication with virtually no results. After just TWO weeks wearing the MIND his mood has improved unbelievably. Plus he has stopped taking all his medicine. I almost can‘t believe his turn around.”

     Kristen Boles – Glen Rock, NJ


“Before using the MIND I was always tired and lacked a luster for life. But since wearing the MIND I definitely have MUCH more energy! I can now work all day. It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!!!!”

     Sue Anderson – Pilot, VA


“I was depressed and on medication with no real results…never wanted to do anything around the house. But since wearing the MIND I have a lot more energy! I’ve stopped taking all my medicine and feel better emotionally and physically!”

     Steven Bare – Siler City, NC